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Welcome to my P90X blog!

This is a blog about my experience doing the X.

I will be talking about my daily workouts and diet. This is to be a daily progress and accountability on how I am doing punishing myself doing P90X and other workout programs.

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Jul 10, 2011 This is a test

Trying out this new app on my phone to see if I can blog on my phone.

Mar 2, 2010 (Insanity) BeachBody's Most Intense 60 Day Workout!!!

This is a video of the new workout program that I have started. I have done it for 2 days now and it is kicking my butt in a really good way though. It is going to be tough and I hope that I can stick with it.

The first workouts made me sweat so much and got my heart rate really high.

So enjoy the video and wish me luck on completing the 60 days.

Thanks for visiting.

Mar 3, 2009 P90X Plyometrics

Well today was Plyometrics. It has been a little while since I did this one. It went pretty well. Here is a little video of Tony Horton talking about Plyometrics. It is a butt kicking workout and one that I need to get the results that I want. So I am going to try my hardest not to miss this one.

Well as a little recap. I haven't added anything in a little while. I realized last week that I did all the resistance workout but not any of the cardio workouts. The resistance workouts went really well but on the days that I was to cardio something always came up. So this week I am going to try harder to fit in all the workouts. Even if it means working out early morning or late at night. Got to keep "Pushing Play".

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Feb 26, 2009 Day #3

Well yesterday was day #3 and it went really well. Rachel was not feeling well and so I had workout by myself. The workout for the day was Shoulders & Arms. I really like this workout. I realized that I need to add some more weight because with each exercise you should be doing 8-10 reps and I was able to do 12. They say that the last 3 reps should be really hard. So next week when I do this workout I am going to increase each exercise by 5 pounds. So we will see if that is to much or if it is good to get the burn that I want.

If you want to see me do this workout check out the video on the left of this page. Awhile back a made a video and added it to this blog.

So things are going good and I am back to the grind. I haven't been following the diet as close as I should but I have been eating healthy. I have stopped drinking pop and I am trying to stop eating late at night. Hopefully this will help with my result. I soon will be taking measurement and posting them on here, so check back soon for them.

Bye the way. What do you think of my new lay out? It took me awhile to change it and I will be modifying it more. Thanks for visiting.

Feb 25, 2009 P90X Ab Ripper X

Here is a video of me doing the P90X Ab Ripper X workout. It is a really good workout that will give you the most ripped abs that you would every want. This is if you can make it through the whole thing without dieing. Enjoy